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    Understand your symptoms
    you experience from foods
    by keeping track of them on your Phone.
    • Food & Symptom Diary App
    • 100% offline
    • Free to Download & Test

About the App

Foody is your personal diary for keeping track of your food and symptoms you may experience from it.

Track your food

Take record of all your meals, snacks and drinks through out the day.

Add any symptoms

Log any symptoms you experience. Inlcude intensity and notes as you need it.

Review everything

Enjoy a beautiful timeline of your entries to review it anytime later.


On your Phone Foody is always with you so you can log your diary where ever you go.


Learn more about this feature packed App

Track your food

For keeping track of as much your meals as possible, it's all about ease of use.

Classify your meal

Mark your meals as breakfast, lunch, dinner or just snacks and drinks in between.

Insert dishes

Dishes are solid food, from candy bars to full-sized plates.

Insert drinks

Drinks go separately for a better overview.

Input helper

The keyboard extension provides the most often entered values for quick input.

Simplicity over details

No need to guess amounts or what not.


Add unlimited ingredients for dishes and drinks.


Use the notes field to include as mush details as you need to.

Add any symptoms

Log any symptoms you experience without directly connecting them to the food it might have caused them.

Insert symptoms

Choose a title at your personal behalf. Being concise is recommended.

Set the intensity

Use the intensity to keep track of how symptoms evolve.

Input helper

The keyboard extension provides the most often entered values for quick input.


Use the notes field to include as mush details as you need to.

Review everything anytime later

Enjoy a beautiful timeline of your entries to review it anytime later. Use filters and search to seek for patterns and check your assumptions.


All meals and symptoms appear side by side in a beautiful and clear timeline.

Filter date range

Choose to display only a custom period.

Filter food

Filter food based on meal type and search term.

Filter symptoms

Choose to hide symptoms or filter by search term.


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Read what the people are saying.

“Love it!! This is what need.”

Omg!! Just starting playing with the free version. So far I LOVE this app. It's exactly what I need to help track my symptoms and my food. I always try a food journal then I leave it somewhere or forget it at home...well I always have the phone. Again thank you. I am guessing I will be purchasing the full version soon!! Can't wait to use more and see if I can figure out my health issues!

- Itchygirlmm 🇺🇸

“Total klasse”

Das ist genau die App, die ich gesucht habe. Schnell und einfach zu bedienen, so dass man nicht die Lust verliert, auch tatsächlich jede Mahlzeit, jedes Getränk und jeden Snack einzugeben. Clevere mehrstufige Struktur mit beliebig vielen Einträgen pro Mahlzeit und dann noch optional mit den einzelnen Zutaten. Oft verwendete Einträge können gleich ausgewählt werden, was die Sache noch einfacher macht. Übersichtlicher PDF-Export. Fazit: rundum gelungen.

- puwalter 🇩🇪

“super App”

einfache Anwendung und praktisch um den überblick zu bewahren was man wann gegessen hat und wie man reagiert hat. gerade in der Anfangszeit mit histaminose sehr praktisch.

- njftedcjkfegvhh 🇦🇹


See what’s included in the App


New Picker

Meal Editor

Ingredients Editor

Symptom Editor

Filter Pane

Timeline with Filter

Get the Foody App

Foody is free to download and try out including all features. However, there are limitations which need to be unlocked once via In-App purchase for a serious use.

The Story behind Foody

Thanks for your interest in my app. I am an Indie Developer from Berlin, Germany. The idea of making an app for tracking food and symptoms arose as my girlfriend was suffering from food related issues. After several tests on allergies she was asked to do a food and symptom diary by her doctor. Rather than worrying about a sheet of paper she, wanted to do it on her iPhone. As she couldn't find an app that was simple enough (most would have asked her to create a catalog up front or enter various details), she ended up taking plain notes with the build in Notes app. So I wondered "who hard can it be to build a food and symptom tracking app that makes writing such a diary as easy as possible". Turns out it's actually a bit of a challenge, but that's what makes building apps fun. After several months of having my girlfriend actually be using the app we figured out a lot of details that are important to allow quick entry of meals, drinks and symptoms.